Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Some Featured Icons are appearing as boxes in my browser. What’s the solution?
Update your browser. Some older browsers cannot show these characters.

Why is ENTER the Link Key?
As a good Call-to-Action, you will need your visitor to be in YES-attitude, and by asking him/her to press ENTER, that’s the first Yes! from them. It’s much more likely that they’ll say “Yes! I want to subscribe to your newsletter!” or “Yes! I want to buy your software!”. It’s a little marketing trick that we’re selling with this plugin.

Why is it impossible to enter % (percentage) character in the message?
“%” sign will interrupt the message, and your message will be displayed partially or not at all. Because of that, we prevented you from entering that character.

My cursor flickers while the message loads. Why?
On some (particularly older) browsers, while the magic happens, your cursor might flicker. It’s no big deal and you should not worry about that.