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Blastrix – Innovation in Ads!

Use your visitors’ address bar as advertising space.

Have you ever wanted to promote one of your new blog posts to the readers of your already popular posts? Have you tried affiliate marketing? Have you heard of CPA marketing? Have you heard of ClickBank? A lot of opportunities are the reason to try this advertising method. You can even see it in your address bar right now! Putting a great Call-to-Action can bring you a lot of additional revenue.

You’ve probably heard for Ad Blindness – when your visitors do not notice any (conventional) ads on your website. Nowadays, regular Internet user’s brain is rewired and it’s used to see conventional ads a lot, including banners, pop-ups, and even contextual ads, and their brain ignores that content of your website. (Did you know?! You see your nose during your whole life. Your brain just ignores it.)

Haven’t caught the ad in the address bar? Want to see it in action again? Press F5 (refresh)!

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